How about adding a "Beginners" category?

When I joined the forum, the first thing I looked for was a “Beginners” category. There isn’t one. Would it be a good idea to add it now that we have quite a few new members?

Some forums call it “Newcomers,” or “Welcome,” or “Start Here!” The category often includes a welcome message, links to important posts, and an invitation for newbies to say hello and introduce themselves. Regardless of the name, it would be a place where beginners would feel comfortable posting their questions and asking for help. Of course, this only works if the rest of us are willing to respond to those posts. But from what I’ve seen so far, the more experienced members here are friendly and very helpful.

There’s a fair chance that a Beginners category would become a hodgepodge of topics that might better fit other existing categories. However, having perfectly organized posts may not be as important as having newcomers feel welcome. This is about community building. New members bring an enthusiasm that’s contagious.

I’d like to hear what others think of this idea. Any comments or suggestions?


That would not be a bad idea.

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That’s an excellent idea. I’ll discuss it with the other mods/devs. Thanks for the suggestion!


Great! Thanks so much, @Fairgo.

@invi, I appreciate your support of the idea, too. :smiley:

Is the Beginners category idea still under consideration? If so, we wouldn’t want to start with it completely empty. Here are some existing topics that could be moved to a new Beginners category.

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Hey I’d give a plus one to this idea too. As a beginner, it was quite natural for me to look for a “For Beginners” category on the forum. Then, I wouldn’t have to search the entire forums and look at individual threads for beginner resources! :sweat_smile:

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I am starting out, and am terrible and slow. I am afraid I am annoying to play with. A few people have asked me to hurry up after about 15 seconds. What is a normal time to take for a move?

@tdnksc, I’ve started a new thread to discuss your question about timing:

How much time to take per move?

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Yay! @matburt has created a new Beginners category. :smiley:
Thanks so much.


Thanks for your support—and perseverence, @way2go :wink: I’ll start moving threads to that section ASAP.


Do you think we should move that “how much time” thread there also?

I’d say it’s a beginner’s question since (I think) advanced players wouldn’t care that much about what their opponent thinks of them :smiley:

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[quote=“trohde, post:10, topic:6865”]
… I’ll start moving threads to that section ASAP.

Thanks! We have a fully populated category now. :smiley:

Yes, good idea. The reason I say that is because the OP probably would have posted that question in the Beginners category if it had been available at the time.

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